How To Prevent Holes & Scratches During Your Move

Dings, divets, scatches, holes, skidmarks—these are the last thing you want to see in your walls and moldings on moving day. It can be a real headache to deal with in the home you're moving out of and it's hassle to make repairs before you even unpack.

Protect your old home and your new digs with these simple preparations for problem areas.


Banisters & Handrails

These can take a beating, so when possible, remove handrails altogether. You'll gain a few more inches of moving space and they can be re-installed after the move. For banisters, hang a quilted blanket over the rail and secure the ends in place with gaffers tape. (Gaffers tape is strong and typically doesn't leave marks or take paint off surfaces.)


Weather permitting, take your front door off its hinges. It can give you extra inches of pass-through space as well as eliminate having to hold the door open. Adding cardboard around the frame and corners is especially advisable when there's a lot of large furniture that has to be lifted through it.

Interior doors should also be unhinged as needed. Remove any door that closes to a high traffic area or is the entryway to a room that houses especially large furniture.


Scuffs, gouges and scratches can occur as items are slid past walls. Textured walls can be especially tricky since resurfacing them can be costly. While it's impractical to cover every wall, you can use blankets or make corner guards out of cardboard and gaffers tape for high traffic areas. Consider the places where your furniture will have to make tight turns and layer cardboard onto these walls as well.


Put cardboard onto wood floors, rugs, and carpeted areas to limit scuffs and stains from the many feet working to move you into your new home. Be sure to tape down the cardboard as it can be very slippery and dangerous.

If you're moving during precipitation, put old towels or packing blankets onto the floors. Be careful to secure the edges down with tape.

Use these preparations on both ends of your move and your old and new place will be scuff, scrape and skid free.