Tuesday, 21 March 2017 21:21

How to Stay Safe While Moving Heavy Furniture

When you are planning your Denver move, you may decide to do the move yourself. Before you jump in, let an expert mover give you some tips on how to do it more safely. Moving heavy furniture on your own can be risky, and is oftentimes accompanied by unwanted injuries and accidents. Take it from expert movers who lift heavy objects all day; there are easy ways to avoid injuries and falls. Here are our top tips on how to keep yourself and your belongings safe during your move.

Do a Full Walk-Through

Before you move anything, complete a walkthrough of your home to identify the path you will take while carrying objects out. Identify any areas that look particularly dangerous, such as corners and stairs that may cause problems when moving heavy furniture out of your old house. Objects like moving boxes and other clutter can pose a risk to you while you’re moving heavy objects out the door. Make sure the outside of your house is clear as well, ensuring outside paths are free of snow, ice, and mud.

Carry Long Items from Top to Bottom

Tall objects like bookshelves and dressers can be difficult to lift, especially by yourself. These items are oftentimes most easily carried by two people. Lean the item backward and have someone help you carry the bottom of the object while you support the top. This will help keep the object from losing its center of gravity and throwing you off balance. Carrying tall objects like this will also help if you plan to go up or down stairs.

Use Correct Lifting Techniques

Using proper lifting techniques is one of the best ways to reduce injury to yourself while moving. Lifting heavy items puts your body under strain that it is not accustomed to, so it’s important to take proper precautions to protect yourself. Always lift with your legs by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. When you can, push furniture instead of lifting, and when carrying furniture, always keep it close to you and near your center of gravity.

If you would rather not lift heavy objects, you can leave your upcoming Denver move to us. Get in touch with Great Plains Moving to see how we’ve been helping people in the Denver area move since 1896.