Monday, 31 December 2018 19:03

Settling into Your New Home When Moving to Colorado

If you’ve moved recently, or you have family or friends moving to Colorado, it’s important to take the time to make your new space feel like home. Often, we spend the first days or weeks after a move surrounded by boxes, just trying to make sure we’re getting to work or school on time. Making the time to make your new house feel like a home can also make moving to Colorado feel like coming home. 

Finish Unpacking

It helps to have a strategy as you approach your unpacking, like going room by room. Start by setting up pieces of furniture and arranging the layout of the room, and then unpack the items that belong there. 

As you unpack, make sure to remove the cardboard boxes from your new home. We’re guessing you don’t usually decorate in cardboard, so having it hanging around the rooms of your house won’t make you feel more at home. You can often donate or recycle moving boxes. (Moving to Colorado means finding green solutions for almost everything!)

Settling In

Finding homes for your décor, your art, and all the little touches that make a space look and feel like you. As you unpack your art, you can think through which rooms or spaces you’d like to hang it in.

Unpacking your kitchen gives you the opportunity to decide which small appliances, baskets, or vases you’d like to have out in your kitchen. And as you organize your living room, don’t forget to add throw pillows, family photographs, your game collection, and all the other odds and ends that make the room your own. 

Moving your household also gives you the opportunity to throw a great housewarming party. Nothing makes a house feel more like it’s really yours than filling it with family or friends. Giving loved ones the opportunity to celebrate your moving to Colorado, enjoying your new space, and adjusting to your new life will also give you the opportunity to feel more at home. 

If you haven’t yet planned your move, or you know someone who will be moving to Colorado, the full-service team at Great Plains Moving and Storage would be happy to help. We offer comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and logistical support for residential and commercial moves. Learn more by contacting our friendly representative for your free quote today.