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Tips from Expert Moving Companies on Consolidating Households

Consolidating households with a partner, roommate, fiancé, or family member is a great opportunity to start fresh and build a relationship. The logistics can also be overwhelming as you navigate names on leases, mortgages, utilities, and more, layout and floor plan questions, and more. One great way to reduce stress is to seek the help of professional moving companies.

Great Plains Moving and Storage has served the families and individuals of our community for more than 100 years, and we’d love to help you with your next residential move. We offer full-scale residential moving services, including packing, moving, unpacking, furniture building, IT set-up, and more. Our expert movers can also provide you with a quote for smaller needs, like moving a few heavy pieces of furniture, or transferring vehicles from one residence to another.


Combining Households Without Raising Stree Levels

Moving in with someone else means you’ll need to spend some time planning before you move and figure out what items need to go into your new space. Professional moving companies like Great Plains Moving and Storage know that the more time you can spend planning and prepare, the easier your move day—and after—will be.

·       Take an inventory. Each member of your new household should make a list of what they can bring into the new space. Try to also mark each list with what items are most important to each individual. For instance, if you’ve had the same couch since college, and your housemate has a beloved living room set they don’t want to part with, it will probably be an easy choice of which sofa winds up in your new living room.

·       Decide how to proceed. If you and your roommate both own full-size dining tables, chances are you don’t want both of the table sets to wind up in your new home. You can decide to sell, donate, or discard duplicated items across your household inventories.

·       Downsize wherever possible. Beyond items which both you and your new housemate own, downsizing your amount of possessions generally is a great idea as you combine households. Downsizing means you have fewer items you need to pack and move, which will make your move easier, and it also means you’ll have fewer items to have to find places for in your new home, which will make unpacking and organizing easier.


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The best tip to make moving in with someone else easier is to hire a professional. Moving companies like Great Plains Moving and Storage offer comprehensive services that can take some of the labor and stress off of your shoulders, leaving you more able to focus on other logistics of your move and the joys of partnering up your living situation. To learn more about the moving services offered by Great Plains Moving and Storage, call or contact us today.