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Tips from Local Movers on Moving with Pets

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Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, relocating your home affects every member of your household, including your pets. One of the most important items on your to-do list if you’re a pet owner planning a move is to make a plan for how to care for your pets during the transition. As the local movers that hundreds of families have trusted their residential relocations with, Great Plains Moving and Storage has compiled these tips for how to keep your pets happy and healthy during your move.


Talk to Your Vet Before Moving

Plan to talk to your vet before and after your move. Your current vet will have advice on how best to keep your pet hydrated and less stressed throughout your move. You’ll also want to find a vet in your new neighborhood and connect with them in advance of your move. If your pet becomes stressed or ill during the move, you’ll already have a plan of how to get them treatment quickly in your new home.


Make a Moving Day Plan for Your Pet

Local movers will often caution you that pets need to be kept away from the moving team for their safety and yours. Some pets may need to be entrusted to a friend for the day, or some can be kept in a room that’s already emptied in your home or crated somewhere quiet and safe.


Keep Important Records Close

If you’re moving long distance and using planes or trains to move your family and your pet, you may need proof of ownership or proof of vaccinations to travel with your pet. Be sure to also keep any licensing paperwork with you during your move.


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