How To Move Your Plants

There are some easy-to-follow rules for moving items such as clothes, furniture, and kitchen supplies. However, moving plants can be a messier undertaking and may require additional planning. Here are 3 tips to get you started.


Plant Moving Transportation

Plants should be loaded last in the back of the truck so you avoid other items knocking into them. This also ensures that they will be the first things off the truck. You'll be able to find a protected spot for them before everything else gets loaded into your new space. Putting plants in the back of your moving truck also protects them from direct sunlight which will help them enjoy a longer life span.

Moving Small Plants

In order to preserve small plants, take them out of their containers and wrap a damp newspaper around the roots. To keep the mess at a minimum, cover your small plants with saran wrap (or some type of food storage bag) and seal it by wrapping a rubber band just below the foliage and around the stems.

For small plants that reside in the yard, be sure to dig up the bulbs and store them in paper bags. Paper bags will provide a much better environment for bulbs than plastic. To keep the plant healthy, snip any visible dead or damaged areas of the bulb. Also, ensure that you replant your bulbs as soon as you can after the move.

Moving Large Plants

Large plants can be too heavy to move, so minimizing their weight is optimal. Below is a step by step process so you can move your large plants easily:

  1. Start by pruning your plant. Cut with pruning shears at 45-degree angle and strip the lower section of leaves.
  2. Cut a piece of floral foam so that it will fit in a milk jug or yogurt container. If you do not have foam, then a potato can be used as a substitute.
  3. Punch holes into the foam.
  4. Insert the foam into a plastic container of your choice.
  5. Pour water into the plastic so that the foam can absorb it.
  6. Remove plant from original container and place it in the foam and then you are ready to move your plant.

By pruning large plants before the move, you will also protect your plants from falling over. Another way to protect large plants from tipping is to place each one in a large box surrounded by bunched-up newspaper. The newspaper filled box will provide a base for the plant and keep it from shifting.

Moving plants may take extra planning, but it can be done successfully. Have other concerns about moving? Please contact Great Plains Moving and Storage for all your moving needs.