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Unpacking After a Move

Tips on Unpacking from Denver Professional Movers

If you’re preparing for a home move, your focus might be on preparing for the move, changing your utility providers, making sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap, finding new schools and doctors and grocery stores. One more item on your to-do list should also be preparing for unpacking. There are lots of strategies to make it easier for your family, and our Denver professional movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO has put together this list to guide your steps.

·       Get the Right Supplies - While reusing boxes can be helpful with electronics and small appliances, it’s less useful if the box is in poor shape or has been labeled many times before. Don’t forget that packing with boxes of a regular size and shape can also help you save time during the moving process and make things easier on your Denver professional movers. The best way to make sure unpacking goes smoothly is to make sure nothing is broken or damaged during transit, which means using the best boxes and packing supplies you can.

·       Put Furniture in Place - As your move is underway, make sure your team knows where furniture should be placed. You can create a floorplan ahead of time, or label wrapped furniture with the appropriate room. Your Denver professional movers from Great Plains will use furniture pads, dollies, and other tools to make sure your furniture stays in excellent condition throughout your move.

·       Label Everything Clearly - Use permanent marker and label all the boxes that belong in each room with the same label (like “living room”) or the piece of furniture it should be with (like “living room bookshelves”). You can even color-code by room by using blue permanent marker for the kitchen, a red permanent marker for the master bedroom, etc.

·       Go Room by Room - Packing up one room at a time helps you be more methodical, and make sure that like items remain together during your move. Then, you can unpack room by room, making use of your labeled boxes and accurately placed furniture to put items in their correct place.

·       Pack and Unpack Your “Necessities” First - In the kitchen, you might make a necessities box with a place setting for each member of your household, a pot, a pan, and a few utensils, to make sure you’re able to cook your first meal in your new home easily. You might make a “necessities” box for your closet, with your most frequently worn clothes and shoes, or in your linen closet, for the bedding you’ll need for your first night in your new home.


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