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How to Properly Compare Moving Companies

Tips on Comparing Moving Companies in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

Most of us are used to comparison shopping at the grocery store, and happy to find a deal on a product we love. We go shopping already knowing what products we need, what features we want, and the price we’d like to pay. When you are comparison shopping for movers, it may not feel that easy. How can you know what services you’ll need for your move, or determine what will be most useful for your home or business? The expert movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas wants to make this process easier for you.

Our quotes are designed to be customized for your particular moving needs. We also itemize each service you choose so that you understand each cost. When you’re looking at quotes from other moving companies, here are some things to look for:

  • Insurance - Top quality movers will offer varied levels of insurance, so that you can determine what kind of insurance is right for your move. You might consider adding additional insurance if our team is helping you move equipment, electronics, antiques, or art; our full replacement coverage means that any item damaged or lost during a move will be replaced by the company at no cost to you.
  • Licensing - It’s easy to assume that a company that represents itself well on a website or over the phone has its credentials in order, but some small moving companies, independent contractor movers, and others may not be licensed. Always ask if your movers are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • A Comprehensive Quote - Almost all moving companies begin their relationship with you by building a quote. Quotes often differ in how detailed they are, and how detailed the cost analysis is. After reading a quote, you should understand each cost that is outlined, and how that cost might change due to weight, distance, or other factors in your move.


Plan Before Booking

The best way you can protect your home or business when planning a move is to gather as much information up front as you can, so that you can get more detailed information from moving coordinators or while you’re gathering quotes. What is your moving schedule? What is your estimated budget? How many boxes or pieces of furniture do you need to move? What services (like packing or unpacking, storage solutions, furniture or cubicle assembly, etc) do you need included in your quote? The more you know, the better information you’re likely to get from the moving companies.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

When you work with Great Plains Moving and Storage Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas, you’ll have the peace of mind of receiving a comprehensive quote, customized for you, and detailed information about costs and the timeline you can expect from us. Get to know our friendly move coordinators by contacting us today.