Your Winter Moving Guide

Sometimes you do not have a choice when you need to move. Job changes and promotions or moving closer to ailing relatives are just a couple of reasons to prompt a speedy move. Even though moving during the winter means it is easier to rent a moving truck or hire a moving company, there are other roadblocks that you will have to be organized for, including preparing for the unpredictable weather. Don’t worry, there are things you can do make your winter move go smoothly.


  1. Ensure that your utilities are turned on in the new house. There is nothing worse than arriving at a cold, dark house in the middle of winter.
  2. An icy path can be a sure way to slip and fall. Shorten that path by discussing with your movers where the shortest option will be, whether it is from the garage, front door, back door, or somewhere else. Shortening your route will limit injuries and keep you protected from the bitter cold as well.
  3. Consider shoveling a snow or icy path instead of putting down salt or sand. These items can easily be tracked in and create an unwanted mess in your new home.
  4. If the path is dry and not icy, be sure to sweep it so that if it rains or snows you will be walking through water and not mud. Thus, creating less mess in the house.
  5. Discuss with movers on what kind of “runners” you can place inside to prevent messes. For safety reasons, your movers will most likely have their own blankets or cardboard to set down that do not slip.
  6. When packing, make sure that you store items, such as snow shovels, boots, and cleaning supplies in an easy to reach place.
  7. Have any pets? It is advisable to board them or have a friend babysit them for the day. Doors will be open and people will be going in and out, which means so will your pets and their mess.

Winter moving comes with its own strain of issues, but there are ways to mitigate them. These tips and hiring a professional mover like Great Plains Moving and Storage will ease your winter moving process.