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Tips for Moving a Senior Parent from Professional Movers

Tips for Moving a Senior Parent from Professional Movers

Professional Movers Offer Tips on Moving a Senior Parent

Moving seniors has its own set of unique challenges that often come with moving your parent or parents into a smaller home. Whether they are moving in with you, into an apartment, or an assisted living facility, you need to have a solid plan of action in place. No matter where your loved ones are moving, Great Plains Moving and Storage, your local professional movers, has these tips to help make the move go more smoothly.

  • An Early Start - You need to start planning the move well in advance, especially if your loved one has some form of disability that might affect their mobility. We recommend you start putting the move together at least seven to eight weeks in advance.
  • Time to Declutter - Moving is always a good time to declutter. There may not be room for everything in your loved one's new home. It can be challenging getting your parents to let go of their things as they all have special memories. It's okay to be compassionate and give your parents time to choose a few of the most important items that hold a special place in their memories. At Great Plains Moving and Storage we recommend you give the items being disposed of to local charities and recycle or dispose of those that are not being donated.
  • Room by Room - The best way to pare down their belongings is to go through your parents' home with them one room at a time. Once you have finished decluttering you can pack everything yourself or let our team of professional movers do the work for you.
  • Hire the Best Professional Movers - There is a plethora of moving companies to choose from, but what you will find is that only the best professional movers have the skills needed to move seniors. At Great Plains Moving and Storage we have packers and movers with the experience and skills needed to make moving your parents seamless and stress-free.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude - Moving an elderly parent is an event that is sure to be highly emotional. If you are moving them into your home, try keeping them surrounded by family, this will help make the transition a little easier for them. Keep in mind that moving in with you will make them feel as they are losing a certain amount of independence. The more positive you are about the move, the less stress your loved ones are likely to feel.


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