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Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations

Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations

How to Use Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

Companies in today’s fast-paced world often want to include their employees in their company relocations. To make this process easier, a lump sum is included for employee relocations. But, if this is your first-time taking part in employee relocation, keep reading some of the advice from Great Plains Moving and Storage to know what a lump sum is and what you can do in employee relocations.

A lump sum move is a moving bonus given from the employer to their employee to help and use towards their upcoming move. This can be completed by either a cash payment to the employee, direct payment to the moving company, or part of the moving expenses are refunded to the employee from their employer. Each option allows the employee to receive their lump sum to aid in the move. The lump sum during employee relocations also allows the employee to have a more hands-on experience for planning and having a say in how their move is completed with the use of the bonus.


Manage Your Own Move

Having a lump sum for employee relocations allows the employee to manage their own move and plan with the personal coordinators what needs to be addressed during the move. With this control, they can rest easy knowing that the moving and storage solutions and professional movers will handle the move with careful packing and delivering their belongings.

Moving companies with employee relocation moves will be more than willing to work with you to see your move and your transition to the new company completed seamlessly. With these services, customize the moving and storage options to your specific needs and preferences. Full-service movers who can pack, disassemble your belongings, and move them for you will give you more time to prepare for your first day at your company’s new location.

Lump sums for employee relocations are offered to make the employees moving experience less stressful and hassle-free. With a moving company’s help, your personalized move will be completed in no time.


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