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Office Moving Companies’ Tips on Reopening Your Office During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Office Moving Companies’ Tips on Reopening Your Office During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Professional Office Moving Companies’ Advice on Reopening Your Office During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Different offices are slowly beginning to open up in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With many questions from customers’ and local business owners, Great Plains Moving and Storage’s advice as one of the local professional office moving companies in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO is here to help you take advantage of returning to your office after months of working from home.

  • Follow Social Distancing Protocols - As you prepare to reopen your office, there are many coming changes. The social distancing rules and recommendations will change the layout to provide at least six feet of social distancing for your employees and customers. These changes will require the possible removal of furniture to make room for such changes and lots of rearranging. This can be stressful, but office moving companies are key to this new change.
  • Utilize Secure Storage Solutions - Professional movers have the proper equipment and professionally trained movers who are able to safely move and rearrange your furniture and even disassemble office cubicles. If you would like to remove some items, take advantage of the storage services offered where you can keep your furniture stored until it is time to bring it all back to the office. Asking you or your employees to handle this work alone can cause a risk of injury or strain.
  • Take Inventory of Items, Equipment, & Furniture - After returning to the office, this is also a good time to see what your office needs and can get rid of. Take this time to go through the office and take inventory. Anything you will keep can go into storage via one of the office moving companies, and other items you no longer need can be disposed of. If you are moving during this time, get rid of these items first so you do not have to pay to move them.

After work returns to your office, take these tips into consideration as you plan how to handle reopening your office. Plan a new layout or schedule your move before the return to work to reopen at the new location first. With the help of local office moving companies, this is a great option to get your office ready for coming back to work.


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