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Office Moving Problems & How to Avoid Them with a Moving and Storage Company

Office Moving Problems & How to Avoid Them with a Moving and Storage Company

Professional Moving and Storage Company’s Advice on Office Moving Problems & How to Avoid Them

Your office’s move is coming up and months of work and preparation have gone into this moment. To avoid slowing the process down or causing any additional costs in damage during the move, here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s professional moving and storage company’s advice on how to plan for your move before the big day arrives.

  • Plan Ahead - Don’t rush or leave everything to the last minute. Take your time when picking out a moving and storage company because picking one that will do their best to complete your move in an efficient and safe fashion is the moving and storage company you will want to hire. Make sure your employees are also notified of the upcoming move and are told when they should begin packing if they should transition to working remotely, or when they are expected to go to work at the new location. Make a list and think about who you have to send your change of address to such as your post office, customers, suppliers, business partners, utilities, and more.
  • Technology - Every office has its slew of computers, scanners, copiers, and whatever else equipment your office requires. It is important to plan ahead since you and your employees will not have access to these things during the move. Back up your files and documents before the move and hire an I.T. support if you do not already have one. I.T. will be able to prepare and pack your technology safely for the move and set it up at the new office.
  • Delegate - Have an employee in charge as a moving coordinator. Make sure the employees know that the professionals are the only ones moving boxes and equipment to avoid injury, strain, or accidents. It’s important to stay organized and create spaces where items that are to be moved, thrown away, or donated can be set aside.

Planning ahead, delegating tasks, and getting everything ready for your move is important to handle before the big move-in day. If you are already reading this blog before your move, you are already a step ahead of the game!


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