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Business Movers’ Tips on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

Business Movers’ Tips on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

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Moving a business takes a lot of work and affects many people from your customers, staff, and employees. It is important to make sure your employees are informed about the move as early as possible and that you involve them in the process. Think about it—you hired these talented individuals for a reason, so involve them help in completing your move. Here are some tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage to help streamline the process a bit more.

  • Give Everyone a Heads Up - During the move, be sure to let everyone know ahead of time when the expected move is supposed to happen. This change has a huge effect on your employee’s daily lives so be sure to have regular meetings to check in and make sure everyone is informed and handling the move well.
  • Organization - Staying organized is key during a move. Create checkpoints and assignments to organize the day-to-day tasks. Create a list of dates such as when all of the packings should be completed, when the moving days are taking place, when the employees should work remotely, or report to the new location. While all of this is going on, be sure to pick a liaison to maintain open communication between your business and the business movers.
  • An Opportunity for Improvement - Moves bring about the opportunity for change. Your business movers will be able to provide floor planners and logistics to your business but be sure to ask your employees if there is any way to improve their workspace in the new location. Does anyone need more printers or are there enough cubicles?
  • Pay Attention to Productivity - While the move is underway, make sure the packing and changes are not hampering your employees’ work. Consider hiring temporary help to lighten the load and provide support to your employees who are very affected by the move.
  • Ask for Feedback - Once your move is complete with the help of your talented employees and business movers, be sure to take a moment and reflect on the process. Ask for feedback from your employees to see how the move could be completed even better the next time around.


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