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Moving Office Cubicles with Office Movers

Moving Office Cubicles with Office Movers

Top of the Industry Office Movers and Moving Office Cubicles in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

It’s time for your office to move but you and your employees are unsure how to approach all the cubicles you will need to move. Professional office moving companies are a convenient choice if you are planning to hire a moving and storage company to do the work, but if you and your employees are packing and disassembling your office on your own, here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s movers’ tips on how to safely disassemble your cubicles in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO.

While you plan to take apart the cubicles in your office, be sure to set aside a few hours of time so the project is not rushed. Have two or three people working on a cubicle at a time to make sure the walls of the cubicle are steady and nothing falls or causes injury during the process.

Tools Needed for Disassembly

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Ladder
  • Wrench
  • Flat-Head Screwdriver

Our office movers recommend taking your time and complete each step carefully.


Disassembling a Cubicle

  1. Clear all items out of the cubicle, unplug, and remove all cords.
  2. Remove the desk and shelving. One employee will hold the desk steady while another is underneath the desk to unscrew it from the paneling.
  3. One employee will stabilize the cubicle’s panels while another removes the outer panel by the springs, latches, or screws.
  4. If you have a connector rail that is bolted down, loosen it with a wrench. If the rail is not bolted, a flat-head screwdriver will loosen the panels. Gently use a rubber mallet to dislodge any stuck panels.

These four steps will safely tell you and your employees how to disassemble a cubicle. If you do hire office movers to disassemble them for you, make sure all items and cords are removed from the cubicles beforehand.

Office movers are always ready to help streamline the transition of your move. Consider hiring professionals so your employees can focus on their work while the move is ongoing. Make sure no one Is overloaded between the daily tasks and preparing for the upcoming move.


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