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Professional Moving Services for Seniors

Professional Moving Services for Seniors

Industry-Leading Professional Moving Services for Seniors in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

If you or a senior in your family is planning to move in the near future, here are some tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage’s professional moving services about how to plan for and create a stress-free moving and storage experience. Be sure to meet with multiple moving companies on estimates to discuss your needs and what they can do to help you.

A senior move is often the need to downsize, move due to the current home’s challenges to mobility and independence, moving into a child’s or another family members’ home, and more. These moves present several challenges that professional moving services can help.

A move is already a stressful time but is even more so if finances or health are a reason for the move. Take advantage of professional moving services such as full-service movers so all belongings are packed, handled, picked up, transported, and delivered for you. This will save time and hassle, especially if one is unable to physically handle the move on their own.


Experienced Moving and Storage Solutions

In the same line as packing, professional moving services know how to safely move and handle priceless belongings such as antiques, fine art, family heirlooms, crystal, china, and more. Movers will know how to pack them and can even provide custom crating for the bigger items such as antique furniture that have specific needs.

If your senior move is to downsize your home, there are also short-term and long-term storage solutions at professional moving companies. If you have belongings you cannot take with you but wish to keep, this might be the solution for you. During your estimate, ask about the storage facilities and make sure they are climate-controlled and electronically monitored for your belongings’ safety.

These moving and storage solutions along with the help of experienced movers will streamline any kind, type, or distance of the move. If you are looking for help or guidance for your next move, reach out to your local movers and find the services that fit your needs the best.


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