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Ways to Simplify Your Apartment Move with Packers and Movers in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Ways to Simplify Your Apartment Move with Packers and Movers in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Packers and Movers’ Top Tips on the Best Ways to Simplify Your Apartment Move in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting venture if you need some help. Here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s packers and movers’ favorite tips on how to simplify your apartment move.


Plan Ahead

To start any move, it is important to plan ahead. Meet with and schedule moving and storage estimates with different moving and storage companies. Full service packers and movers will save you lots of time by providing new boxes and supplies for the move and with their nifty packing tricks. For example, packers and movers will pack one room at a time with all boxes labeled and numbered to keep the move organized and less overwhelming when the unpacking begins.


Take Inventory

Before you even start packing, take inventory of what is in your home. Lessen the load by making a “to donate” pile and a “to throw away.” Measure your furniture, wall-hangings, and more to make sure everything will fit where you want it to in your new space. Photograph your new rooms to help picture the new space as you plan your layouts too.


Notify Your New Landlord

As the move-in day approaches. Inquire with your building and notify the landlord when you are moving in. See if you will need to reserve the elevator for your movers during that time. Start to call your utilities to get them set up at the new place for heating, water, and electricity. After your move-in is complete, set up appointments to get your Wi-Fi, internet, and cable set up when you are able to meet these services in person.

These tips are here to help you make your apartment move a little easier. Streamline your experience with this advice and look forward to moving into the new space in no time. From packing with a plan, notifying utilities, being in contact with your landlord and more, you will be ready to start right away.


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