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Tips for Moving a Short Distance with Moving and Storage Companies

Tips for Moving a Short Distance with Moving and Storage Companies

Professional Moving and Storage Companies’ Tips on Moving a Short Distance in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

No matter how big or small your move is, moving a short distance is a great reason to look for what moving and storage companies are available to help you with your move. Prepare ahead of time and schedule estimates to see what company will fit your needs the best. With their help, your move will become a reality and you will be in your new home or work in no time.


Moving and Storage Supplies

Get your move off to a good start with these supplies. New boxes are important because using old or worn-out boxes may break and damage belongings during the move. If you have them available, Tupper Ware or plastic containers and bins that are sturdy can help in the move as well.

  • Boxes
  • Packaging Tape
  • Markers
  • Packing Material



As you plan for your move, this is a great opportunity to see what items you don’t need anymore. You will not want to pay professional moving and storage companies to move items you don’t want. Separate your belongings into piles of “to throw away,” “to keep,” and “to donate.” As you prepare to take what you are moving with you, measure furniture, walls, and wall hangings to make sure everything will fit into your new space.



Packing for your move can be tricky when you think about what items you need to use around the house up until the moving day. For example, key necessities, toiletries, a few dishes, and silverware for the night before the move can all be set aside and then packed right before you move. Moving and storage companies also offer full-service moves where they can pack your belongings for you which can help you save time and finish what you need to complete before your short distance move.

Packing, getting supplies and measuring your furniture, and more are all steps to accomplish for your move. If you are looking for professional movers to help with your short-distance move, see how they can help you prepare for your move soon with these above-mentioned tips.


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