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Packing Tips for Moving Plants to Your New Home

Dependable Packing Tips for Moving Plants to Your New Home in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

When you start packing for your new move, many items you can simply put in a box and forget about until the move-in day. But what about your plants? These items can be a challenge due to the change in their environment and having to keep them safe and well during the move. Here are some of Great Plains Moving and Storage’s favorite tips on how to pack and move your plants to your new home.


How to Properly Pack & Move Plants

If you are moving long-distance or in extreme heat or cold, you might not be able to take all your plants with you. Decide which ones can and cannot survive the drive and find them new homes before you leave. With the ones you are keeping, prepare them for the move next. Trim and prune any dead leaves and if necessary, re-pot them into plastic containers so they can sit in the boxes better during the ride.

  • Hang hanging plants in nylons or fabric in your car during the drive.
  • Water your plants when moving as needed, not too much, not too little to handle the stress.
  • Protect branches and leaves with a sheet or pillowcases to keep them from breaking.
  • Wrap plants to protect them from cold weather with large trash bags but do not seal them shut.

Keep your plants in the car instead of packed away on the moving and storage truck. Our top packing tip for moving plants is to place small ones together in a box. Wrap the containers if fragile but leave the plant open. Fill empty space with crumpled space to prevent any from tipping over. For large plants, pack a few in a box with lots of paper and wrap branches as needed.

Upon arriving at your new home, it’s normal for plants to go through a period of shock as they get used to their new environment. Let them recover before any repotting is attempted. Take your time and give your plants some love with these packing tips for moving.


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