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A Local Moving and Storage Checklist

A Local Moving and Storage Checklist

Plan with This Local Moving and Storage Checklist for Your Next Move in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

Moving local will give you an instantly easier and more convenient experience compared to moving long-distance or cross-country. But there is still lots of work to do in the meantime, so let’s focus on creating a local moving and storage checklist so your move can be a breeze.


Moving and Storage Checklist

This checklist from Great Plains Moving and Storage will help streamline your upcoming move. Start planning, create a timeline and floorplan, reach out to movers, and see how you can create the best moving and storage experience for yourself. When you are ready, start making your move a reality and see how you can enjoy a stress-free moving and storage experience today.

  • DIY VS Professional Local Moving and Storage: Decide if you will be moving everything on your own, or if you will be hiring professional movers. DIY gives you control of the timeline, but professionals have the experience and streamlined services to help.
  • Plan What You are Moving: Time to create an inventory and get rid of any belongings you do not want to keep.
  • Research Moving and Storage Quotes: See how much a local move usually costs to compare to your upcoming quotes.
  • Schedule a Moving and Storage Estimate: Ask professional movers about their services and ask lots of questions!
  • Create a Timeline: When are you hiring your professional movers? When will the packing be complete? When is your moving day?
  • Create a Floorplan: Measure all furniture and wall hangings. Plan where items will go in the new space and what will not before moving.
  • Pick the Best Movers for You: Compare estimates and see whose services were transparent and helpful.
  • Purchase Packing Supplies: New boxes and materials can be purchased on your own or provided by the local moving and storage company.
  • Begin Packing: Hire full-service packing or pack yourself. Give yourself plenty of time and stay organized.


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