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10 Professional Moving Safety Tips from Denver Area Movers

10 Professional Moving Safety Tips from Denver Area Movers

Denver Area Movers Provide Professional Moving Advice for a Safe and Secure Move

The stress and cost of moving from one property to another can be difficult, especially on Moving Day. The health of you, your family, and pets should always come first, before money or time. That's why moving is so risky.

Our expert Denver area movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage have top safety tips for moving and storage to keep you safe and healthy.

  1. Seek Help - Don't lift and move heavy household items alone. Instead, enlist the help of friends or partner with professional Denver area movers.
  2. Plan Ahead - Avoid major blunders on the "Big Day" by planning. If you plan to hire professional movers, contact them early to receive an estimate and start preparing.
  3. Use Quality Packing Materials - Invest in excellent moving equipment and packing materials for oversized items like furniture, appliances, and moving boxes.
  4. Examine Your Home - Prevent serious incidents on moving day. Inspect all doorways and hallways before moving bulky furniture. Pre-measure the furnishings, then the exit doors and corridors. When in doubt, safely disassemble your most significant furniture pieces before moving them.
  5. Dress Appropriately - Be prepared for any unpleasant surprises on moving day. Wear clothes that are comfortable and protective. Make sure your attire is breathable and flexible. Avoid excessive clothing.
  6. Clear Paths - When moving large and heavy things, no random moving boxes or other untidy clutter should be in your way. Remember that one wrong step or slide can ruin your house move. Debris on exit paths is a significant trip hazard.
  7. Outdoor Safety – Help with the exterior areas. A clear path to the driving vehicle is preferred. Clean up any ground debris, even if innocuous. Even if you're moving out, prune overgrown bushes and tree limbs that could injure movers.
  8. Monitor Your Kids - Kids should not be present when massive furniture is removed from the home. Innocent children are especially at risk, so ask someone to monitor your kids while you work.
  9. Safeguard Your Pets — You don't want your rambunctious pet running about on moving day. Moving day safety is about avoiding mishaps. Keep your pet in a room with plenty of food and water, and try temporarily barring the door.
  10. Check the Weather - Keep an eye on the forecast. Wear light-colored clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to reduce sweating on hot summer days. Keep the house warm and dress in layers to regulate your body temperature.


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Overall, employ common sense. Don't try to be a hero and do things you can't. Hire expert Denver area movers to help you move big goods as you transfer lighter items. Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage today for more information!