Packing Your Computer

Packing desktop computers requires careful attention when moving. The last thing you want to find when you unpack your boxes is that your computer monitor has been damaged or that the main tower was tossed around in a loose box. Here are some things to consider when packing your computer.


Packing the Hard Drive

Desktop computers are especially vulnerable to damage when moving. Even though hard drives are built to automatically power down into a safe zone, they can still be shaken out of this “auto park” mode and get scratched. Your hard drive houses all of your data, so the last thing you want is to damage it during your move.

Watch Out for Hazardous Materials

Some packing materials can be hazardous to your computer. If your moving distance is short, the type of packing material you use is probably not the biggest deal breaker. However, if you are moving a long distance, you will want to take extra care. You may be tempted to place your computer in a bed of packing peanuts, but they are made of a static charging material and can cause harm to your electronics. Packing peanuts are messy, and there are far more convenient materials that you can use.

What Would Dell Do?

A common sense approach to packing your computer is to think about how major computer manufacturers package and ship their computers. The box is labelled with clear “this end up” arrows and “fragile” so movers or shippers know how to handle the item. The inside of the box is packed with custom-fit Styrofoam or small, air-filled bags. You can create the same effect with crumpled packing paper, towels, clothes, and sheets. Keep the box snug around the computer and cushion your computer, so there is minimal shaking during the move.

Packing Cables, Keyboards, and the Mouse

If possible, place your keyboard, mouse, and cables in the same box so you can easily unpack and set up your computer at your new place. Put plenty of cushioning between each of the items to avoid items getting tossed around in the box as free movement can cause bumps and bruises to items.

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