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Commercial Movers' Post-Move Checklist for Businesses

Commercial Movers' Post-Move Checklist for Businesses

A Post-Move Checklist from Expert Commercial Movers in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Moving to a new office can allow your company to grow and continue to develop and thrive is worth the time and effort spent planning and preparing. There is still much to accomplish after the move, especially in the first few days. Use this relocation checklist from Great Plains Moving and Storage's expert commercial movers to ensure your firm is well-prepared for the move.

  1. Employee Moving Packets - Getting your personnel to the new office should be your first priority. Distribute moving packages with new passcodes, keycards, desk assignments, and parking spots to employees the day of the move.
  2. Examine Equipment & Technology - After a move, have your IT department inspect all equipment. Include laptops, printers, phones, and projectors in the check. Check any additional specialized equipment for appropriate operation. You don't want a client visiting your office a week after the transfer and having a technical issue.
  3. Extra Furniture & Equipment - After arranging the office for maximum efficiency, you can arrange for the removal of any extra furniture and equipment, including old office furniture that doesn't match the new. Extra equipment can be stored, donated, sold, or thrown away. So the office isn't packed and uncomfortable, do this shortly after moving.
  4. Update Materials & Website Details - One of the most crucial tasks after a transfer is to double-check all business papers for contact information. Don't leave any platform untouched to avoid confusing your clients. Update your website and social media accounts, print new brochures and flyers, and reorder business cards.
  5. Know Your New Area - Making appointments with associates and clients will require mapping the new area. Knowing traffic conditions, back routes, and transit choices can mean being late for a meeting. You can also acquire a list of suitable business lunch spots and their busy hours.
  6. Contact Associates & Clients - To avoid future confusion, notify all clients and associates of your new location within a few days after the transfer. Involve your clients, cleaners, carriers, and the USPS. You can confirm your new address so meetings, services, and delivery continue as planned.
  7. File Any Complaints - Once everything is unpacked and inspected, file any complaints and insurance claims with the moving company. It's critical to notify any damage immediately to ensure accurate reporting and claims.
  8. Leave an Online Review - Reviewing commercial movers can wait a few days, but it should be done within one week. You can also communicate your complaints and questions here. If you had an excellent experience, it can help others decide.


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