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Unpacking After a Move

Tips on Unpacking from Denver Professional Movers

If you’re preparing for a home move, your focus might be on preparing for the move, changing your utility providers, making sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap, finding new schools and doctors and grocery stores. One more item on your to-do list should also be preparing for unpacking. There are lots of strategies to make it easier for your family, and our Denver professional movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO has put together this list to guide your steps.

·       Get the Right Supplies - While reusing boxes can be helpful with electronics and small appliances, it’s less useful if the box is in poor shape or has been labeled many times before. Don’t forget that packing with boxes of a regular size and shape can also help you save time during the moving process and make things easier on your Denver professional movers. The best way to make sure unpacking goes smoothly is to make sure nothing is broken or damaged during transit, which means using the best boxes and packing supplies you can.

·       Put Furniture in Place - As your move is underway, make sure your team knows where furniture should be placed. You can create a floorplan ahead of time, or label wrapped furniture with the appropriate room. Your Denver professional movers from Great Plains will use furniture pads, dollies, and other tools to make sure your furniture stays in excellent condition throughout your move.

·       Label Everything Clearly - Use permanent marker and label all the boxes that belong in each room with the same label (like “living room”) or the piece of furniture it should be with (like “living room bookshelves”). You can even color-code by room by using blue permanent marker for the kitchen, a red permanent marker for the master bedroom, etc.

·       Go Room by Room - Packing up one room at a time helps you be more methodical, and make sure that like items remain together during your move. Then, you can unpack room by room, making use of your labeled boxes and accurately placed furniture to put items in their correct place.

·       Pack and Unpack Your “Necessities” First - In the kitchen, you might make a necessities box with a place setting for each member of your household, a pot, a pan, and a few utensils, to make sure you’re able to cook your first meal in your new home easily. You might make a “necessities” box for your closet, with your most frequently worn clothes and shoes, or in your linen closet, for the bedding you’ll need for your first night in your new home.


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If you’re getting ready for your next home move, the Denver professional movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage are here to help no matter what services you need. We can help with folks who would rather pack themselves or do a DIY unpack, and we also offer comprehensive packing, moving, unpacking, storage, and logistical services when you need it. Contact us today to find out why we are a leader among moving companies in Denver, CO, and Brighton, CO.

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Giving Back with Move for Hunger

Your Next Move Can Help Support Move for Hunger

At Great Plains Moving and Storage, our priority is serving our community. And while we normally do that by providing the best quality packing, moving and storage services in Denver, CO and Brighton, CO, we’re proud to be a leader among moving companies participating in Move for Hunger, serving local food banks and families in need.

Participating is a simple way to contribute to local food banks while also clearing out pantry goods. The way it works is simple:

1.     Your Great Plains Moving and Storage move coordinator will ask if you’d like to participate by donating canned and non-perishable goods on the day of your move. That means our move team will take care of all the logistics of your donation—all you have to do is put together your donation.

2.     As you prepare to move, collect any unopened food goods you’d like to donate. Popular and useful items include peanut butter, dry beans, dried milk, pasta, noodles, rice, oatmeal, and canned meats.

3.     On the day of your move, if you have agreed to participate, your moving team will collect your Move for Hunger donation. You can put together a box or bag, whatever is easiest for you and your family.


Giving Back Has Never Been Easier

Participating in Move for Hunger helps us fight hunger in our community while also reducing food waste. You don’t have to throw out unused dry and canned goods that you don’t want to move; instead, give them to a local family in need. Packing your kitchen has never been easier.

Great Plains Moving and Storage provides comprehensive packing, moving, unpacking, and storage services to help your family make your next move. Move for Hunger can make packing your kitchen easier, and our professional packing teams can help with the rest of your home, storage unit, attic, and garage. We can help with vehicle moves, long-distance moves, and other logistics.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage Moving and Storage

If you’re getting ready to make your next home move, call the professional movers who serve the community in every way possible. Great Plains Moving and Storage is proud to provide you with every moving service you need and help you participate and give back to the community at the same time. Contact our friendly agents today to learn more.

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Moving into Your First Apartment

Tips Local Movers in Colorado Springs, CO & Brighton, CO

Moving into your first apartment can be an exciting time for folks of all ages. It also means you’ll be building a relationship with a new landlord, managing a new lease, meeting new neighbors, as well as organizing, packing, and moving. Even if this isn’t your first rental unit or apartment, these tips from our local movers in Colorado Springs, CO and Brighton, CO can make the move-in process easier for you and your family.

  • Always Do a Walk-Through - Before you take possession of the unit, make sure to do a walk-through of the unit with your landlord. Take photographs of appliances, doors, windows, flooring, and walls so that you have an accurate record of the state of the unit when you took possession. Our local movers in Colorado Springs, CO and Brighton, CO know that these details can help you regain your rental deposit, whenever you’re ready to move out of the unit.
  • Know What Utilities You’ll be Responsible For - Your landlord or leasing agent can provide you with a list of all the utilities you’ll need to set up an account for or tell you what utilities are covered with your lease. Aside from water, electric, sewer, or gas, don’t forget your cable and internet. Some rural rental properties may also require you to set up trash removal services.
  • Think Through Your Apartment’s Layout - The local movers in Colorado Springs, CO and Brighton, CO know that your move is made easier when you have a game plan for your furniture and boxes during move-in. Knowing where your big furniture items will go, like a couch, dining set, or bed, can help streamline the moving process for you and your moving team.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

The best tip our local movers in Colorado Springs, CO and Brighton, CO can give you is to partner with moving companies that provide all the services you need. Great Plains Moving and Storage offers packing, crating, assembly and disassembly, installation, debris removal, and more so that you can focus on what really matters: your family and getting comfortable in your new home.

If you’re getting ready to move in Colorado Springs, CO or Brighton, CO, Great Plains Moving and Storage can partner with you to create a moving plan that works with your schedule and your budget. Contact us today to get started with your free quote.

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Kitchen Packing Tips for Moving

Great Plains Offers Packing Tips for Moving Your Kitchen

When you’re getting ready to move, it makes sense to take the time to declutter, organize, and donate items you’re no longer using. If you’re looking for other ways to prepare, the expert movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage have put together this list of tips to help with packing your kitchen and other fragile items in your household.

  • Start with the Right Supplies - You might think that using newsprint could save money, but in your kitchen, newsprint can leave ink on metals, plastic, and ceramic, affecting the quality of your dishes and cookware. We recommend packing paper, bubble wrap, or air packs to help keep delicate kitchen items safe and clean during transit.
  • Make a Plan - One of our best packing tips for moving is to have an accurate idea of your moving schedule so that you can plan accordingly. You’ll need some kitchen supplies as you pack and get ready to move, and also in your first few days in your new home. Set aside a box for just the essentials you’ll need to keep with you: a few cutlery items, cups, plates, silverware, and anything else that can be used during those final days in the old home and first few days in the new home. This should be the last box you pack, and clearly marked so that you can easily identify and unpack it in your new space.
  • Use Caution with Appliances - Your toaster, blender, food processor, coffeemaker, microwave, and other appliances are all delicate electronics. Be sure to pack up electric cords by winding them in loose loops around or next to the appliance, and secure the cord for packing and transit. Do not bend or fold cords; this can damage the cord for future use. Some small appliances can be disassembled for easier transit; unpacking will be easier if you label each box clearly with which parts for which appliances are inside.
  • Layer Like Items - If you have dish sets, storage container sets, and other items that easily stack, you should still use packing paper or bubble wrap between each layer. Another of our best packing tips for moving kitchen items that’s important to bear in mind throughout this process is to use additional packing material if you’re not sure if an item will stay safe during transit. Not using adequate packing materials can cause chipping or cracking in glass, ceramic, stoneware, and other kitchen items.
  • Use Kitchen Materials to Pack With - Remember that you can also use kitchen materials to help keep kitchen items safe. Kitchen towels, oven mitts, and other cloth and padded items can help keep kitchen items safe while you pack them with your kitchen supplies. Mark each box of your kitchen items “fragile” and “this side up”, using an extra layer of packing material on the bottom and top of the box.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

As a leader among moving companies in Colorado, Great Plains Moving and Storage can help with all your household moving needs, including packing, unpacking, storage, and relocation services, and give you all the best packing tips for moving. If you’re getting ready to move into or out of the Brighton, CO, Denver, CO, or Colorado Springs, CO area, contact our local experts today to get started with


Moving Tips from the Top Movers in Denver, CO & Brighton, CO

Summer is a popular time of year for booking moving companies, and often our busiest season. With kids off of school, more leniency with vacation time from employers, and warm weather, many families and businesses choose the summer months to schedule their relocation. While these factors might direct you to choose the summer months as well, the movers in Denver CO know that there are other considerations as well, and we want you to be prepared for your next move.

·       Scheduling Concerns - Because the summer is our busy season, you should try to be out in front of the pack as much as you can. Allow your move as much lead time as possible and contact our movers in Denver CO to schedule your move as soon as you know your timeline. We work hard to accommodate your timeline, but that can be more challenging during the summer months.

·       Weather Concerns - While summer in Colorado tends to be fair weather, if you’re scheduling an interstate move or a cross-country move, it’s smart to understand the weather patterns of your new home, as well. Summer months can bring wildfires, mudslides, or tornadoes in some parts of the country, and our moving coordinators can help you make a plan for any inclement weather.

·       Safety Concerns - Moving in high heat or high humidity is a concern for our own team as well as you and your family or your business. If packing and moving are scheduled for a time when the weather is very hot or humid, it’s important for everyone to stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and stay out of the sun when possible.


It's Moving Season!

On the flipside, if you’re thinking of moving during the winter, there are scheduling, weather, and safety concerns to consider them as well. At Great Plains Moving and Storage, our local experts can walk you through all the factors that might impact your move, no matter what season it is. Our moving specialists can help you schedule the best movers in Denver CO to help your family or business relocate. We’ll work with you to create a moving plan that’s customized for your individual budget, timeline, and services.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

Moving in the summer can work well for many families and businesses and Great Plains Moving and Storage is happy to help you make a plan for your summer move. Contact our friendly representatives today to get started with your free quote.

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Moving into a Smaller Home

Downsizing Tips from Packers and Movers in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Families of all shapes and sizes experience the need to downsize, whether that’s because the kids have all gone to college, you and your spouse has retired, you’re starting out on your own, or you’re moving to an urban area with smaller housing units. If you’re planning a move into a smaller space, there are plenty of ways to make both your move and your unpacking, organizing, and settling in easier. As a leader among moving companies in Denver, CO and Brighton, CO, our expert packers and movers have put together this list of tips to help.


  • Make a Floorplan - Moving into a smaller space doesn’t have to feel like it’s taking away your ability to do daily tasks, hobbies, or activities. Get a layout of your new space and consider the functionality of each room. Plan where to place larger pieces of furniture so that you know in advance that you have space to sleep, cook, host, and hobby how you want.
  • Downsize Your Belongings - One problem our packers and movers have witnessed with clients who are downsizing is the desire to bring the same amount of stuff in your current home into your new, smaller home. Make a point to purge any duplicate items in your kitchen, linen closet, and clothing. Not only does moving less stuff make your move easier, but it will make settling into your new home more comfortable, as well.
  • Get the Right Resources - Smaller spaces can be just as functional as larger spaces if you bring the right resources. Closets can double in capacity if you add extra shelving. Consider hanging some of your storage needs on the walls, like a jewelry organizer, a ceiling-hanging pot rack, or a filing rack for mail and paperwork.


Expert Moving and Storage Services

At Great Plains Moving and Storage, our packers and movers have helped families with all kinds of moves, including cross country moves, apartment moves, retirement home moves, interstate moves, and more. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, our experts can provide the service you need to feel comfortable and safe throughout your transition.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

If you’re ready for your next residential relocation, make sure to contact us online or by calling the packers and movers that Colorado families trust at (720) 487-9809. We’ll get started by working to understand your needs and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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